Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Think Marketing

interesting tension between traditional media and social media, bad advertising is dead.

All paving roads together, no set model, big ideas don't butcher them, keep searching.

Just do it don't wait until you completely making your mind up, or someone else will be eating your lunch. JFDI

Collaboration, opening your business up, clients working from the agency's offices energises the organisation and breeds business on both sides.

exhausting, interesting, engaging and inspiring.

How many have books, or digital or electrcity or marketing in their title? Before electricity used to be in title but so important that it has been dropped.

Google insight for example can see the poularity for example of 'maxi dress'.

What are people searching for? Look at google zeitgeist. For example if it is cholesterol, Flora brand can go there and give information. Or start a conversation, make the advertising space into a gaming space. Office Max suppliers tried elfyourself link where you an your family can put your photo on dancing elves.

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