Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Power of Simplicity

PSFK presents a series of how-to videos that explore the world of exceptional account planners. Through a series of interviews with top planners, they highlight the key skills planners need, and provide a clear picture of how these "rockstars" work.

In the second episode, the importance of storytelling and clear, inspiring communication is discussed.

Planners and Strategists

waht key skills a great planner needs today?

Rigour,good ideas, storytelling, communicate the idea and thers buy into it and raise their hands and say they want to be part of it.

Partners not only creative teams but come from all different areas

Great planners seem able to find threads in seemingly disconnected ideas and weave those ideas to add value.

Great planners are able to find what the clients customers wants and needs and crystallise it in a way that is useful for the client.

Simplify and able to make people feel through simplicity.Cut to the chase and cut through simplicity.

Ability to seduce people into the idea, get people excited. Articulate it in a seductive way.

One of the greatest qualities is humility and belief in giving ideas away, the ability to have a lightness of touch.

Articulate the salient points.Make it succint but relevant, dense and pithy.

The problem, the answer, the insight that led to the answer and the strategy used but in a clear succint manner ( how you solve problems, how you put ideas together) Short and sweet.

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