Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Creating space

We all need space for ideas to blossom and creativity to come into play and that is why physical surroundings are also very important. The more we declutter , the more space we make for creative thought.

My bedrooms and my living room is full of shelevs with books and magazines most of which I have not referred to during the last year. Take some large boxes label them 1,2, 3... and start putting the items away recording or writng somewhere what items you are putting in each box so if you do need to refer to it in the future you can easily retrieve it. I did this over the weekend and I feel so much lighter.

Intend your day

Start your day by saying 'I intend to have an exciting and exhilirating day' and feel the excitement and exhiliration. Even simple things like going to the park can be exhilirating if you intend it to be , so before you set off say to yourself that you intend to have an exhilirating time while at the park. You will be amazed how by the end of the day you will feel so pleased with yoursef for having a wonderful day simply by making intentions during the day before embarking on an activity.

Focus on the day at hand

Forget what happened yesterday, forget what may happen tomorrow, just focus on the tasks at hand today. Do as much as you can without overexerting yourself or being in a hurry. Do not neglect the small things and do all that needs to be done today. And then have a smile on your face because you did not waste the precious 24 hours that God has given you. Let the first part of your day be righteousness, the middle part , attainment, and the last part success.

The Source of Wealth

The source of all wealth is our Creator. The closer we are to the Source the greater our chances of having whatever we desire. That is why it is important to develop a close relationship with our Creator. The more grateful we are towards our Creator for all that He has already given us , the more he will shower us from His Bounty. If we walk towards Him , He will run towards us.

No matter what

'No matter what, never let go' the last words of Jack to Rose in Titanic as he lay in the cold waters of the Atlantic after the Titanic had sunk and had managed to get Rose onto a plank of wood.

'There is always a way out' Jack had also said when Rose is faced with despair when she is faced with having to marry someone she does not love.

'He saved me in more ways than one' says the Rose when recounting the story. Its a story of love, hope and hanging on . You go on , no matter what. In the last scene, we see Rose lying on her bed and the sepia pictures on her bedside of her as a rider , as an aviator indicating that she had lived a full life.

Titanic is a story of hope, love and new beginnings. No matter what we should never give up but carry on,. If we fall, we should dust ourselves off and get up again and the person who gets up the most times is the winner.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spiritual Growth

Life is an empty, barren wasteland if we we do not allow ourselves to grow in the direction towards God. We should indeed consider it a blessing if we are surrounded by friends and family who aid us along this path for it is so easy to become materially inclined our direction being shaped by the subtle influences around us. At the end of the journey we would be where we began and recognise the place for the first time.

Trading Time

Time is the most important commodity and despite this knowledge sometimes we are faced with dilemmas in our lives as how we are going to treat the time allotted to us. The usual exchange that takes place is that we trade our time in return for money. There is nothing wrong in working for a regular paycheck except when it interferes with our ability to make what we ae actually capable of making which is usually far more. Alex Haley, the author of Roots, was faced with the same dilemma when he was offered to work part time at a job which would comfortably pay his expenses while he wrote his book on a part time basis. In fact he wanted to write full time and consequently turned the job offer down and subsequently went on to write the international bestseller, Roots. Okay, so you may become broke , it is a gamble you will be taking. So what , you deal with it and move on but never sell out on your dream.

Life is a journey

The past few days I have been discovering the joys of facebook having looked up a few old school friends and recognising the names and faces. Through our journey in life we meet lots of differnt people , some stay for a little while then leave,some stay for a longer period and we never see them and some we are reunited with again. Out of the seven billion people in the world God has selected certain people to be in our lives and they are all there for a reason and to teach us something valuable about life.