Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Edward de Bono and flying upside down

Single minded determination and expectation that you will get there are the essential qualities for huge success.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Advice for Young Creatives

Leslie Koch: Think Big, Act Small

Frans Johansson

Frans Johansson talks about the burkini and Professor Yusuf.

99% Conference: Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Michael Bierut: 5 Secrets from 86 Notebooks

Seth Godin:Quieting the Lizard Brain

Duncan Heinz Guide to Good Eating was born out of his need to find a good place to eat.
Roy Parks teamed up with the Duncan Heinz money.

From becoming a wandering generality to someone who ships on time and budget.

Steve McConell's Software Product Management is a good book on thrashing. You must thrash on it in the beginning.

What you do for a living is ship not creativity ( everyone is creative). Someone who ships has a discipline and part of a discipline is thrashing early.

Why do human beings sabotage their work so often? A chicken has a lizard brain-it is hungry, scared, selfish, horny ..how are we going to survive and how are we going to have kids. The lizard brain is the source of our primal doubts.

The first couple of breaths is very difficult to fill up the balloon.And then its a breeze.