Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hot or Not Founder talks about his venture

Dating web site HotOrNot has been sold to Canadian company Avid Life Media, "a network of targeted niche brands with highly engaged users", for around $20M in June 2007.

Inspite being $60,000 in debts, then students Hong and co-founder Jim Young made a barter deal with IT hosting company Rackspace: "publicity" for a server and bandwith. And I guess the rest is history... with a nice happy ending... even though some find the amount offered too low for such a profitable start-up!

'Creativity is what happens when you take a zero off the budget'.

Have fun, come up with products that you would like.

Eat the ramen ( baked beans?) instead of going to Silicon Valley

Differentiate yourself and your customers

Focus on your users

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