Friday, December 07, 2007

60 Minutes to Live

I came across Dan Gilbert's book Stumbling Upon Happiness in which he asks the question what you would do if you had ten minutes to live. There isn't much you can do in ten minutes but if you have 60 minutes to live you can do something meaningful with that time. Most people I gather would say they would get together with their family. I would jump into my car , pick my daughter from school assuming I am given this sudden news while working at home during the day and rush to my parents place 20 minutes drive away which is aso near where my other siblings and their families are. When we ask ourselves this question it brings home to us what is the most thing important thing in your life. Its your family and your loved ones and some close friends that you want to be close by when it is time to say goodbye. The last hour would also be time to reflect on the journey one would be taking to the next stage and whether during the brief time on this earth whether one reminded oneself sufficient times that this place is a temporary abode for a very short time and the time had come for one's return to his Creator.
If we remind ourselves every day that the last hour for each of us is inevitable, then it would puts everythinh we need to do that day and whatever we may be experiencing during that day into a new perspective. The new perspective is that we should stop sweating the small stuff and its all small stuff.

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