Sunday, December 23, 2007

10 days till the New Year - what are you going to do with your life?

As the year is coming to a close it is a time for reflection of the year that is soon to pass, the things we have done, the things we should have done, the things we could have done.

How many of us can look back on the year and say 'Boy, was I on fire!' and be satisfied that they gave the year all his or her best and no matter what the results have shown on the 31st December ( 10 days is still sufficent time for major breakthroughs to occur), what matters is giving one hunderd and ten percent to the year so that no days have been wasted.

As we get older we realise that there are less days left in our lives and therefore how important it is to make each day valuable.

If we have accomplished something of importance to us during this year we should celebrate the achievements and thank God for making it come to fruition.

If we keep in mind that anything is possible we can truly look forward to the coming year with anticipation that change is coming our way and be ready for it.

Another wonderful 365 days that God is going to bless us with. How we choose to fill our days is up to us. Unlike other resources such as money, time is of limited supply and we should guard it well.

I smile as I think of my list of things to do for the coming year :

1. Meet my soulmate and marry him

2. Take my business to another level

3. Travel all over the world to conferences, seminars and meet interesting people who are involved in exciting projects

4. Take care of my parents and spend more time with my daughter

5. Spiritually grow and become closer to God

What is your list of things to do for the coming year? Does the list include things which will bring you closer to the things you want to do with your life? For example if you have always thought of starting your own business , why not make a plan in these last ten days left of the year of the series of actions you need to take .

1.Identify your goals, for example starting a business or becoming the chief executive of an organisation

2.Ask yourself why it is important for you to achieve that goal. Make sure your reasons are not for pleasing other people eg you want to become the chief executive of a certain organisation because you want to make your father proud, ask yourself do you really , really want to be a chief executive? Too often we confuse what other people want for us as something we want for ourselves.

3. Draw up an action plan. If you are starting a business think of all the resources you need and how to get them , for example people whose help you need to enlist, arranging finance, knowledge and expertise. It is important not to dwell too long in drawing up this action plan but to get moving as soon as the basics are in place.

4. Break down each action into a series of tasks and put them in your diary , ticking the tasks off as they are accomplished. Remember you can eat an elephant one bite at a time.

5. Keep a log of your progress on a daily basis. If things are working do more of it, if it is not then change and see what happens. Test and tweak all the time.

6. Keep your eye firmly on the ball that is marked 'This is where the money is' . Activity does not equal productivity. Make sure you know which activities bring you the money and do more of it. Of course you should enjoy this activity which brings you the money, otherwise leave it. You should feel alive when you are engaged in this pursuit which not only makes money but adds value to ther peoples' lives.

So get going today ! Make your list of things to do, followed by your action plan and start filling in next year's diary with all the tasks tha are part of the action plan. At the end of next year, ten days before the year end you can look through your diary and amaze yourself that you are far more capable than you ever thought youself to be!

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