Friday, May 09, 2008

The Best of Endings

Choose to have a happy life. If you want to focus on what is wrong, then so be it. Or you can focus on the lily in front yard that opened today and you get to see it today, it’s what you focus on that counts. - Tony, 66

Dive in with both feet, roll up your sleeves and get messy, dare to live, dare to love, dare to connect. - Carolyn Mann, 67

Always see the good in people, and you won’t get hurt because everybody has so much goodness in them. Don’t envy other people, because you have different gifts and blessings. - Eileen Lindesay, 78

There are ten-minute funeral lines and ten-hour funeral lines. Live your life so that when you die people will want to stay and tell stories about the kind of life you lived and how you touched them. - Ken Krambeer, town barber, 64

Love someone deeply and be loved by someone deeply; be passionate about yourself and your curiosity and exploration and really GO FOR IT. - William Hawfiled, 64

From The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die , John Izzo

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