Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No matter what

'No matter what, never let go' the last words of Jack to Rose in Titanic as he lay in the cold waters of the Atlantic after the Titanic had sunk and had managed to get Rose onto a plank of wood.

'There is always a way out' Jack had also said when Rose is faced with despair when she is faced with having to marry someone she does not love.

'He saved me in more ways than one' says the Rose when recounting the story. Its a story of love, hope and hanging on . You go on , no matter what. In the last scene, we see Rose lying on her bed and the sepia pictures on her bedside of her as a rider , as an aviator indicating that she had lived a full life.

Titanic is a story of hope, love and new beginnings. No matter what we should never give up but carry on,. If we fall, we should dust ourselves off and get up again and the person who gets up the most times is the winner.

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