Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Secret

The new DVD and book 'The Secret' is based on the Law of Attraction which purports that thoughts are things and they become reality. Our thoughts bring about vibrations and this manifests into reality. Whatever we focus our attention towards and our intention, it manifests itself.

There are some practical tips. For example if you would like to bring someone in to your life to share your life with that person then begin by making space for that person. For example you would always lie on your side of the bed leaving the other side empty for that person. Similarly you should clear half the space in your cupboard to make room for the clothes for the person you are intending to come into your life. Hmmm!!

As regarding financial freedom, repeat affirmations such as 'money comes to me easily and frequently' . Visulaise cheques coming in through the post rather than having thoughts and stomach churning feeling thinking they are bills.

I read somewhere that when we visualise we should think of ourselves after what we wish for has happened. For example, when looking for parking space most of us visualise an empty space but instead we should have the picture in our mind of our car already parke in that space.

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