Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Simple Joys

My day started in an excellent manner with the twenty five minute walk to the tube station on a beautiful sunny April morning.

The clean air, the cool , fresh breeze on one side of my face and the gentle sun touching the other side. I breathe in the air and exhale gently. The Cafe with the black tinted floor length glass front and the chrome and wicker tables and chairs laid out on the pavement. The little charity shop, a garage , a boutique , a pizza place all standing cheek by jowl. The whish of traffic accompanies my walk to the station. The upholstery shop nextto the bus stop , the biscuit coloured clock tower with the golden dials on a bright blue background the Edwardian edifices with the shops on the ground floor , the estate agents, the banks , the Post Office , the Korean restaurant.

I enter the station as a red double decker bus moves slowly pass the station, and a crow flies in the distance.

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