Friday, March 23, 2007

Food and books

Two things you should never skimp on. Good food and good books are nourishment for the body and mind respectively. That is why I spend more on food which is healthy and wholesome and organic although it may cost slightly more. Also in terms of books, whenever I visit a bookshop or am browsing through Amazon, anything that catches my interest I do not hesitate to buy. Your intuition has guided you to that book, perhaps it contains a valuable piece of information which could have a huge impact on you life. Is the $10 or £10 you may decide not to spend worth giving up the possibility of that information that could have been so useful? That is why I now read voraciously and continuously buy books such that in every room in my place there are shelves of books. I derive great joy being surrounded by these books which have provided me with many delightful hours of good companionship.

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