Friday, March 23, 2007

Expanding Horizons

Expanding horizon, expanding possibilities. I could add the words of TS Eliot about seeing with new eyes and having arrived at the place we already know but I will not dwell on that as it has been covered extensively in other books and websites.

Reading is extremely important and not only in your own field but try to read on a wide range of genres. Read magazines, read books , listen to audio tapes, attend courses, attend events, don't miss out on anything.

Make it a year in which you decide to be extraordinary and you will be amazed at the momentum you create and the extraordinary people you draw into your life and at the end of it unable to believe thatyou really did do all that and towards the end of the year when anyone asks you how was your year , you can relply 'I was truly on fire!'

Committment is important, and once you make the decision to committ all these synchronicities will occurr which will drive you to unprecedented directions.

I should know - I remember specifically two years in which I really was on fire. Six years ago, in January I started volunteering. I joined as a volunteer teacher in a supplementary school which ran in a community centre on Saturdays helping children from disdvantaged immigrant communities with their homework as they were more likely to come from homes where the parents did not know much English. These classes ran from ten o clock in the morning to about one thirty in the afternoon. I received tremendous satisfaction from being with the children but the greatest benefit i derived was that it opened up a new world for me in which I met some extraordinary people who were to become very close friends.

Wouldn't it be great if at the end of every year we can look back and say 'Boy , was I on fire again!'

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