Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jawed Karim

Youtube co-founder shares his story of a start up from concept to hyper growth.

How did they come up with the idea? Why is it so successful?

If you have a good idea and make a video and upload it , you will have millions of viewers. The dancing video by Mike Garding is a prime example.

Killer Applications, for example like Wikipedia and Flickr, anyone can implement them i a matter of weeks although scaling it could be more complicated.

Livejournal(1999) allowed one to broadcast personalised content. It also showed people are willing to share their personal stories.

Hotornot ( 2000 ) allows you to rate photos. Anyone can upload or download. It was profitable even before google adsense.

Wikipedia - are people really willing to put in their own time to produce content. It was a more like a social experiment.

Friendster ( 2002) was not the first social network. Six degrees came out but relied heavily on email.

Flickr (2004) photosharing plus delicious. There was no concept of tagging with others.

Why is it possible now and not before and what problem does this solve.

If you have a good idea why hasn't it been developed until now. For you tube the enabling technology was around. The broadband was not available in 2000.Macromedia Flash 7 is now taken for granted, first time macromedia included video playing. The video camera also came up with capability. Also cheap hosting had become available.

A couple of hundred thousand to sixty million in five years they managed to scale paypal.

Just because 'experts' reject an idea it doesn't mean its a bad idea.

There are no experts, you are the expert.

The Next Big Thing will exploit newly emerging secondary technologies.

Watch these enabling technologies to see what will be possible.

An excerpt from Jawed's talk about marketing a new website, just send emails to your friends.

Well guys, we just launched this website.

Can you help us spread the word?

Since we just launched we don't have any girls on it ...YET.

Can you guys upload your own videos? Let me know what you think.

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