Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Power of Decisions

There is nothing more powerful than making a decision and sticking to it.It is in decisions that destinies are shaped. What makes so many successful people a success is the trait of decisiveness that once they have decided on something they are not easily swayed from their decision and stick to it. When Jack Welch,former CEO of General Electric, was asked in his biography what one thing he wishes he had done differently , he answered that in some of the decisions he made he wish he had acted sooner. A decisive person is able to make decisions quickly after giving it some thought whereas the opposite is when someone takes too long to think what course of action he or she should take and in between acts in ways that are ambiguous which does not improve the situation. A case in point is a relationship when one person realises that it isn't going anywhere and wants to move away from the relationship but is still unsure. He or she stops calling the other person but two weeks later starts backsliding and cannot resist the urge to pick up the phone and speak to him or her even though they know subconciously that they shouldn't. This only prolongs the situation longer and doesn't make the situation any better. It also gives mixed signals to the other person that he or she doesn't really know what he or she wants. Once a clean cut is made and he or she doesn't act in a way which is contrary to the decision it raises the self esteem of that person and the other person also realises that he or she means business.

If there is no action then you have not truly decided. Therefore through that new action you can change your life in an instant.For example if you like someone and you would like to marry him or her but the other person has no such inclination, then pursuing that relationship does not serve any purpose for you. In that case having evaluated the relationship , the decision you would want to take is perhaps to end the relationship and the only way you can end that relatiosnhip is through an action which may be for example to make a final phone call and explain your decision. That act of the final call and the act of refraining form making any further calls constitutes your decision and this simple action can be life changing as it frees you up now to pursue a brand new relationship which meets your goals.

Another example is taking up some form of exercise on a daily basis.If you want to take up yoga and make it a part of your daily programme the decision will not be a decision until you start your yoga session and that instills the discipline to make it a daily habit. This simple decision can be life changing because it is having a huge impact on your physical health and well being. And it is never too late to start exercising. The singer Sting in a recent interview mentions how he discovered yoga at the age of 39 and how it has been a life changing impact.

Whether it be a decision to live happily, a decision to live richly,a decision to be healthy , a decision to be creative or a decison to find your soul mate you have the power to decide whether you want to be decisive or indecisive person. Those of you who tend to be indecisive are more failure prone so decide today to stop sitting on the fence and waiting and start initiating and making things happen. Whether it is a right or wrong decision our choices are half chance and you will know only through the results. But you are a more powerful person having decided and thus acted rather than waiting and inaction.

Therefore go through the different areas of your life and pick one area where you think a decision needs to be made. Act in order to give some measure to that decision and stick to it. You will be amazed how powerful decisions can be.

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