Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy For No Reason

Happiness does not depend on external circumstances. It comes from within. Happiness is a habit. If we choose to be happy we will be happy.In our consumerist society, it is not all the material things, the new house , the new car , the new toys that make us happy. They are a source of temporary pleasure but real meaningful happiness resides within us irrespective of our circumstances.

Happy people live longer, have better health, attract a spouse much sooner , earn more, have more friends and generally they seem to be in sync with life flowing with its current rather than going against it.

All it requires is a shift in our thinking , to turn upside down the way we may be thinking at a particular moment and look at it from a different angle.

For example if you find yourself judging someone for something that you do not agree with, look within yourslef to identify if there is any underlying issue that is making you feel like judging someone else. Quite often it is something entirely different that your subconscious is struggling with rather than the seemingly outward topic that you are having problems with. Recognise that it is you who needs to be dealt with and let go. When we have no arguments with anything or anyone we go back to that place that we were as a small child where we are happy with our own little world.

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